10 Important Questions to Ask a Wedding Venue

After a successful engagement, the question on your mind will pertain to your wedding venue. You will want to research to find what you like. Check many venues to see which ones suit your wants and needs. As you go on your venue tours, there are many important questions you should ask. These questions will help you with your decision-making process.

1. Is your date free?

This question will help you decide if you should still go with the date or change to another venue where the date is free.

2. Does the venue have enough seated capacity?

Once you have determined the number of guests your inviting or expecting you will have a basis for the size room you need. Do not assume it will occupy your guests by just viewing the venue. It is important you ask.

3. Can you host your ceremony and reception at the same venue?

Having the ceremony and reception in the same venue will minimize expenses, but some venues do not allow hosting of both. So, it is important you ask if they can host both your ceremony and reception at the same venue as this will minimize expenses.

4. Extra charge for your catering?

Depending on the venue you choose, they may offer their own in-house catering services. In some cases, venues will charge you to use your own caterer. Make sure to ask this as the extra charge can greatly affect your decision.

5. Is the venue easily accessible?

It is important to ask if the venue is easily accessible. Is there parking? Elevators inside? This is important information that you may even need to provide to your guests.

6. How long can the party go on?

Most venues have a time range for their events. So, it is very important to ask the venue when the party will have to end to avoid issues.

7. Will I be required to decorate?

It is very important to ask the venue if you are responsible for the decorations or if they take care of this for you. You may be required to do this yourself, in which case you may want to hire an outside vendor for help.

8. How much for extra hours?

If you think that you might want to keep the party going after the allotted time, make sure you ask the wedding venue how much extra time costs.

9. Are there any noise restrictions?

Some venues have restrictions when it comes to how loud they keep their event space. Make sure to ask what these restrictions are. Also, find out if they have an in-house DJ or if you can hire your own for the night.

10. When can we start setting up the venue?

The earlier you are allowed to begin setting up, the better. Make sure to ask this question as you and your vendors will need to know this to be properly prepared for the day of your event.

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