4 Cozy Parties You Should Throw This Winter

Cold weather is the perfect excuse for a cozy indoor party. It can help beat the winter blues, and lets you have fun with your friends without leaving your house, since everyone comes to you. You want to make sure your party sounds so cozy and indulging that your friends won’t want to miss it. The key is choosing fun themes that help your guests forget the winter blues, frigid temps and gray skies. Here are four cozy parties you should throw this winter:

1. Pool Party

Blow up a kiddie pool in your living room, and fill it with small, colorful plastic balls to stimulate water. Guests can sit around the pool with their feet it in the “water,” and sip on summer cocktails. You can also inflate pool floats and scatter them around your house so your guests can lounge in them and feel like they’re spending the day poolside. Be sure to tell your guests that this is a pool party and to bring an appropriate outfit. No sweaters allowed!

2. Game Night

What’s not to love about game night? It’s a fun way for you and your guests to embrace your competitive side and enjoy a few laughs. Make it cozy by ditching the chairs and table for blankets and pillows on the floor. Choose games based on the size of your group and have a few options on hand. If you have a good selection, you can even let your guests vote on what they’d like to play. You can choose board games, trivia games, skill games or quirky games. The only requirement is that your game isn’t boring. No game night is complete without snacks, so make sure you’re prepared with finger foods and cocktails or mocktails.

3. Pajama Party

Everyone loves a good pajama party, so we know you won’t have a hard time selling your friends on this one. The most important element of this party is the dress code: pajamas. Tell your guests to wear their coziest pajamas, and stock up on fluffy, fuzzy socks so your guests can take their shoes and boots off and really get comfy. You’ll need pillows and blankets to up the cozy factor, and also plan to turn the lights down to avoid a brightly-lit pajama party. Sipping hot cocoa, playing childhood games, or watching a funny movie are some of the ways you can make this pajama party special for your guests.

4. Holiday Cookie Party

A cookie swap is a fun excuse for a party during the winter months. This party will be equally cozy and yummy, and it’s a great way to make memories with friends and loved ones. Step1: invite your friends and tell them to bake cookies. Step 2: bake your own cookies. Step 3: swap creations and eat all the cookies your heart desires.

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