5 Cooking Tips Every Beginner Should Know | Catering | The Copacabana Times Square

Cooking can be a mortifying experience when you’re a beginner. There are a lot of steps to remember and often, an overwhelming amount of ingredients to tend to for each meal. But there are a few tips you can follow to make your #cooking experience easier and more enjoyable!

1) Prepping is your best friend when it comes to cooking. Experts never miss this step. Read and reread any #recipe before you attempt making it. Make sure all your ingredients are chopped and diced and laid out neatly on the counter alongside any tools you will be using. Prepping before cooking leads to better timing and less stress in the kitchen.

2) Create a beautiful atmosphere as you are cooking. Many people get overwhelmed stepping into their own kitchens or opening their own refrigerators! Make sure you organize your space and know where all your tools and #ingredients are. When cooking, clean up as you go so you avoid getting overwhelmed. Creating a beautiful kitchen space encourages you to step in and enjoy the cooking process!

3) Purchase high quality tools. Don’t resort to using old knives and cutting boards simply because you’re a beginner. Purchase a french knife and a quality knife sharpener. Trust us on this one. Not only will the right tools increase your efficiency, they will also allow for beautiful food #presentation!

4) Use quality ingredients. This is perhaps the most essential tip you can cling to as a beginner. Your food is only as good as your ingredients. Throw out expired spices and use only the best. For an even fresher taste, try grinding your own spices. For fresh and organic produce and meats, shop at your local farmer’s market. Do not be stingy with your ingredients. Thankfully, many farmer’s markets, regardless of the myth, are very affordable!

5) Conquer one cooking niche. Many new cooks tend to be over ambitious. While this is a great quality to have, start off simple. If you enjoy using ovens, try dishes that require oven use until you have perfected that medium, and then, move on. For example, master the rice dishes before you move on to pastas, or vice versa. Allowing yourself the time to master one area relieves you from the stress that is often associated with cooking.

Author: Hager Eldaas