5 Essential Grilling Tips You Need to Know for Summer

Author: Julian Macleod

Usually, when the weather begins to warm up and the day gets longer than the night, you would have to enjoy summer by having to organize get-together with your friends and family. Much more, the best way to enjoy the long week is by going on a weekend vacation. While I am putting my plans to enjoy cocktails with grilled meat or fish with fresh vegetables all through summer, below are tips you also need to know to have an enjoyable and easy grilling summer season:

Settle the debate between Charcoal and Gas

To grill your stock, you can either make use of charcoal or gas. Though there have been several debates on the best medium. But really, both has nothing to do with your health, you only have to pick any based on your preference and taste. The physical difference in both is that charcoal will give you a smokier flavour but quite expensive to maintain but gas is fast, cheap and will give you that barbeque look. Hence, get your style ready.

Set your grate minutes before grilling

Ensure you grease your grilling grate with a paper towel. By that you are maintaining the quality of the grate as well as ensuring that your grill is non-stick. After greasing, ensure you preheat for few minutes.

Be skillful with the application of your spices

Before you begin to grill, rub your meat or fish with a flavour of your choice. With this, the flavor will come out better than adding it in-between the grilling process. Much more, rub your meat with oil as the oil will make the dry spices stick well. Ensure you do not add the sauce (tomato sauce, brown sugar or soy) when the grilling cycle has not been completed as it might burn and affect the color of the meat. So, add your sauce or glaze towards the end.

Make use of the right cooking tools

If you have ever tried to grill, you might realize that the taste of your meat has reduced. That’s because you made use of a grill fork. Using a grill fork cause a release of sweet taste you ought to get while enjoying your meal. So, it is best to make use of tongs and spatulas to turn your meat. Also ensure that you soak your grill skewer in warm water for up to 30 minutes before using it.

Ensure you do not touch to check for doneness

Apart from the fact that you could get injured, try not to poke or turn to check if its done. To know if its done, your meat would sear and will most likely develop a crust. Afterwards you can only flip when you notice the grill mark. Grilling process is not a game of luck. Every step contributes to the overall result. If you miss out of any step, you would surely see the effect. Enjoy summer by following these tips.

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