Author: Julian Macleod

Throughout history, there have been no shortcomings attached with the use of spices. Before they were considered as medicinal, their culinary use make it easy to differentiate a person’s meal from another as well as give the feeling of satisfaction. The consequent discovery and use of #spices have not only made food attractive but have also being of huge advantage to human health. Whether the use of spices is deliberate for health improvement or not, their use will always be effective in the body system. Though all spices are beneficial, here are five spices that contain major health benefits:

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is from Capsicum annum family and is mostly used as a chilli pepper. One main property of Cayenne is capsaicin which lowers appetite, naturally causes fat reduction, serves as a hold against cancer and an agent for detoxification. #Cayenne pepper can be used to ease ulcer pains, nausea, and sore throats. Much more, its use clears overfilled mucus, prevents headaches, aids metabolism and serves as cure for toothaches.


Ginger is from Zingiberaceae family and can be used alternatively as a remedy and a preventive medicinal spice. It is well known for its digestive enhancement. #Ginger helps in subduing gastric contraction and can be used to treat nausea caused as a result of chemotherapy and morning sickness during pregnancy. As ginger is not only used in foods but can be chewed raw and also sprinkled in hot tea, its diaphoretic property naturally keeps users warm. More so, Ginger is used to reduce menstrual pains, inflammation and cholesterol. Ginger contains vitamins, minerals as well as antioxidant components such as caffeic acid, beta-carotene and salicylate. Rhizome, ginger’s root can also be used as a spice, eaten as a raw plant or used as juice component.


Just like onions, Garlic is a specie in Allum. It is grown in most countries and its aroma has caused its popularity in cooking. One important property found in Garlic is Allicin. Allicin accounts for the smell garlic gives as well as the majority of its health benefits. #Garlic assists in combatting common cold and sickness. It causes a reduction in high cholesterol thereby reducing the possibilities of heart disease and aids in the suppression of blood pressure. Much more, it enhances bone health.

Bay leaf

Bay leaf is a popular spice and can be found in virtually all countries. Bay leaf can be used to treat different respiratory conditions. When used, it can also function as a preventive medicine for cancer, boost the immune system and regulate the nervous system. Risks of blood related disease like anaemia can be combatted with the use of Bay leaf.


Nutmeg is a popular spice and its medicinal advantage makes it usable in different food types. #Nutmeg as a spice has an element which has the same functions as menthol. Hence, it helps in reducing any kind of pain, lower the possibilities of insomnia, as well as fortifies the bodies system. It serves as a preventive spice for leukemia and enhance cognitive development. It keeps the tooth safe by using its antibacterial elements to cease bad breath. However, it must be moderately used to give desired advantage.

Instead of having to spend money on drugs due to illness, spices are readily available home remedies that can be used to prevent, reduce and suppress every form of discomfort.

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