Updated: Jul 13, 2018

Author: Julian Macleod

Office events are held in both small and large organizations for purposes like the launch of a new project, the introduction of new executive officers, to celebrate the success of a project or to appreciate the efforts of employees towards the progress of the company. Irrespective of the reason, you should be prepared to attend or host corporate events. However, it has become an old-fashioned practice to hold events in the office as companies are beginning to see the glamor attached to outdoor events. At the end you will have to put in so much effort to provide everyone with the best. To have a productive result, below are tips for planning your corporate summer party:

1. Work with the budget: If you desire to have the best party your company has ever had, you must be ready to work with the available budget. Do not order for services and receive service providers’ quotations when you are unsure of the money available. So let’s say the budget is a little less than a thousand dollars, whatever plan you have must revolve around what you have. Having a budget in place will help you know how to allocate funds to each department.

2. Have a fixed venue: More programs are usually scheduled to hold in summer than in winter. Hence, you might find it difficult to find the perfect venue for your event. So, before you make any final decision, fix a particular amount of money for the venue and look out for venues that can be gotten for that price range. Before you pick the best, you can pick 2-3 employees to help look through the available venues to see from their points of view. Whichever decision you make, ensure you pick a venue that includes the amenities you want.

3. Be strategic with the chosen date: Being on the planning team, you have the right to choose the party date. With other factors in place, ensure you avoid picking a date that falls during school holidays. Usually, summer corporate events allow employees to invite their families and close friends. But if it is during the school holidays, the event might not go as planned as most families book their summer holidays during that period.

4. Request for intellectual input: You must not forget that a corporate event requires a touch of group decisions. You will not only need their input when you are caught in-between, but their opinions are needed because the event is also about them. All through the planning period, seek ideas, get affirmations, show them the available choices and go for what the majority picks.

5. Put everyone in your feeding plan: Most times, summer corporate events come with finger foods. It’s a company party after all and it’s not all that formal as it involves partners and associates. Hence, there may be no need for a serious sit-down meal. Have grilled foods in place. Barbecue is always great. Whether it’s food or snacks, make preparations for easy to eat meals. Do not forget vegetarians. Ensure you have plans to cater for all invitees.

A corporate summer party is usually fun-filled. However, the fun and excitement will be determined by the available plans in place. No matter the capital, you will surely work out the best with the supplied tips.

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