Updated: May 15, 2018

Author: Julian Macleod

Events have become a major part of networking and socialization. At one point or the other, everyone has a reason to celebrate. So, families, friends, corporate workers and loved ones are invited to merry with the celebrant. However, it is important you know that #eventplanning largely contributes to the glamour and elegance of an event. So whether you are your own event planner or you are contracted as one, you must carefully assess the type of event before determining the menu style. If you are planning on having a big party like a birthday party or wedding reception, you might end up setting a #buffet menu plan. There is this elegance, class and convenience attached to buffet but it could be tiring if you are not smart with your plans. Hence, below are 5 tips that would help you provide the best, yet stress-free buffet catering service:

1. Consider the Movement Of Guests

It is obvious that when it comes to food, people are always interested with most planning to get more than necessary. Especially for buffet, guests see it as an opportunity to eat all provided meals. So, after getting the first round, they change their position and get attached to get more from the other angle. As reactions of people are inevitable, ensure you track the moving line. It is best that you have a starting point that is easily linked to the end line of movement. Create space between each line such that it is easy to site those who deceitfully try to move to the other line. Ultimately, make the entry angle different from the exit angle to have an orderly passage.

2. Have Drinks and Foods Placed on Separate Tables

It would be disastrous if you think it would be easy to have drinks on the same table as foods. Even if you try to have drinks as the last on the table, there would be confusion. How convenient would it be for a person to carry drinks alongside their foods? If the guests try to get back to the table to get drinks, you will really be in for stress. So, have the drinks, water and every prepared liquid on another table. Position different tables at different angles so it would be easy for people to refill their cups.

3. Be Strategic in Positioning Cutlery

It would not be right to have people juggle their cutlery while the #event simultaneously runs with serving of prepared meals. While there are different ways to position all cutlery, there are two best ways. You can choose to have the cutlery simply set at the far end of the serving table. With this, guests would only have to make use of their plates till they get to the end of the table. If that might seem clumsy, you can just have the cutlery wrapped in serviettes or napkins on all tables, prior to the start of the event. Whatever plan you choose, never place the cutlery at the beginning edge of the serving table.

4. Have Everything in Excess

I am sure you do not want to find yourself running around during the event neither do you want guests complaining about your service. Be it the foods, plates, drinks, cups, spoons, forks and all that are required, ensure that there is excess. It is best to have a large serving angle. Being a big party, you have to provide multiple serving tables with all tables strategically placed in the large space. Essentially, make all indispensable materials easily accessible.

5. Be Smart In Arranging Available Foods

People have preferences. In order to enhance a fair share of the foods, strategically position the foods. As people serve themselves, notice the trend. Note what they serve more and after the first hour, interchange the positioning. This will cause no remnant of any food type.

Everyone looks up to a buffet, but the disappointment or satisfaction will be as high as the expectations. So, be smart to make provisions for all you need.

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