5 Tips for Throwing a low-key Housewarming Party

By: Denile Doyle

You’ve been in your home for a few weeks now, and you’re ready to show it off to your family and friends. As if moving wasn’t stressful and chaotic enough, now you have to plan a party to debut your new digs. You’re soo not up for any serious party-planning right now, especially while you still have a few boxes to unpack ... as soon as you finish procrastinating. Who says your housewarming party has to be an elaborate, formal affair? You can go with a more low-key event, like an afternoon party, and still make it fun.

1. When to Throw Your Housewarming party

Plan your party at least a few weeks after you’ve moved in and had some time to get settled and unpack most of your boxes. If it takes a month of two before you’re settled in, then plan it based on when you think your home will be most ready for visitors. After all, the home is the reason for the party, so it should be in pretty good viewing condition if your entire posse is coming to check it out. After you choose the date, you’ll want to send your invitations out. Email is the quickest way to send these out, and it saves you from going to the post office, as an added bonus. Try to send your invitations out a few weeks ahead; if it’s at the last minute, some of your guests may not be able to attend on short notice.

2. Setting the Scene

You don’t need to go overboard with decorations for your housewarming, especially when you’re trying to minimize the usually tedious rituals of party planning. Stick with the simple elegance of candles and a few floral arrangements as your decorations. They are classy and inviting, and won’t detract from your new home. Find a playlist that sets the mood for the occasion, such as smooth jazz or acoustic; pick something you can leave on for the duration of your party that won’t be too overpowering. Lastly, set up a bar in the corner of your living room or somewhere near the main space where your guests will gather. Stock said bar with all the essentials.

3. Menu Ideas

Since the theme of this party is simple and unfussy, keep this in mind when considering what you’ll serve your guests. Don’t pull out your cookware or fancy serving trays and dinnerware. Keep it simple. Order a few platters of finger foods, such as sandwiches, wraps, a fruit and cheese platter, a meatball tray, and maybe a cheesecake or pie for dessert. If you really want to simplify your menu, you can always order a few pizzas and call it a day. Your housewarming pizza party will be even more memorable!

4. Who’s ready for a tour?

No housewarming party is complete without a grand tour of your new address. Your guests won’t mind if you still have a few unopened boxes or items that haven’t found their permanent home yet. As long as most of your home is ready for its debut, go on and show it off!

5. Parting gifts

A great way to thank your guests for coming to celebrate your home, is with small party favors. You can give them little bags of treats, which you can easily make yourself, and print and attach labels with your new address on them. Or you can give guests mini succulents or other small potted plants and attach personal cards to each one. Giving guests a parting gift is a nice gesture to let them know you’re glad they came to your housewarming party.

Whether they’re old friends or new friends, old neighbors or new neighbors, family or friends, everyone will appreciate the heart of your new home and will have a delightful time enjoying it with you.

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