5 Tips to Host the Perfect Office Event

Many companies throw parties for their employees to show their appreciation – most commonly during the end of the year. This is usually done yearly, and an auspicious day is picked for the event where all employees can relax and interact with each other. Here are the top 5 tips to hosting the perfect office party:

1- Make a party planning council

Recently some organizations have a social board of trustees for organizing such #events. This board takes the responsibility of making necessary preparation in organizing the event and sharing the representative obligations as indicated by the qualities of every individual. This is important, as it ensures planning moves at a considerably greater speed, and members that are done with their own tasks can pitch in to ensure others equally meet up with the scheduled time or deadline. The saying that two great heads – or in this case a couple more heads – greatly applies in this case.

2- Involve your colleagues

Inquire about the best office parties they’ve ever been to and what they really enjoyed the most. They will respect and appreciate the fact that their input is important, which will boost attendance numbers as they feel involved. Another added benefit will be an increased sense of anticipation, as people will be looking forward to seeing things that interest them at the #party.

3- Pick a theme that falls within the range of the budget

Pick a theme that works for everybody and falls within a sensible budge; if not, some team members might feel left behind and discouraged to attend. Taking the interests of everyone into consideration will lead to a better work atmosphere and an improved relationship with colleagues.

4- Make sure you integrate different departments through fun activities and table arrangements

One of the main goals of an office party is to let employees communicate in a less formal setting and get to know people with whom they normally don’t interact. As mentioned earlier, this would improve coworker relationships beyond measure.

5- Provide transport if possible

You don’t need anyone on the team getting into trouble once the party is over. Organize party buses to certain areas or spring for an Uber service. Office parties are the most informal type of corporate event, yet it has the potential to have the greatest effect on company culture and employee morale. The importance of throwing a successful one hence cannot be overstated.

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