5 Ways to Throw a Great Office Retirement Party

Author: Julian Macleod

Activities in life are structured in a way that everyone has to work to survive. While working gives benefits beyond survival, the greatest milestone anyone can have in their years of service whether as an employee in a company or as self-employed is retirement. It’s a period of rest after years of labor. As a milestone that everyone aims to reach, retirements are not announced without the initiative to organize a retirement party for the retiree. For the retiree, it is an opportunity to show their gratitude and to reflect on the long years. So, if you are planning to throw a great office retirement party for a senior employee, here are few tips on how to go about it as much as you desire:

Know what the retiree wants: Understand that this is not a surprise party. Hence, the retiree must be involved in the planning process. Not in terms of material resources but in terms of what the retiree wants. Know who they want to invite, if they want to extend it to outsiders or strictly insiders. Knowing what the retiree wants makes the party about them.

Draw out a visible list of potential guests: Retirement parties have a way of drawing family members with staff members. Based on the wishes of the retiree, draw out the circle of guests that will be invited and make a standard list to reflect their total number.

Determine the best location: Though it is a retirement party, it does not necessarily have to be on office premises. It could be in a hall or restaurant. The number of guests will determine the best location to choose. In all, ensure the location chosen has the required facilities to enable a colorful event and to cater for the needs of all.

Prepare a visual display: One important part of a retirement party is a visual display; and since it’s a celebration of life and career, you must prepare pictures to reflect the retiree's history at work and career achievements from the early stage of pursuit. Add out of date fashion pictures to liven the mood.

Select speakers to give remarkable comments: Select people that know about the retiree to give a notable speech. Ensure to instruct them about the timing. After the speakers, you can allow an open mic period where selected guests will be chosen to give one-two minutes comments about the retiree.

Do not forget that a retirement party is more about the retiree than the guests. So, have patterned plans on how to make the retiree happy. Plan to give gifts and ensure to follow all the above steps. You’re on your way to a great retirement party!

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