7 Spring Catering Ideas

Everyone looks forward to spring; it’s about time we took a break from the extremely cold season to embrace perfect weather conditions. The comfortable temperatures and beauty of the season causes many people to hold their events in spring. Imagine an outdoor event where blooming flowers serve as natural decoration and where the sky is clear enough for you to take your pictures and enjoy the company of people around.

One of the most important aspects of your event is the catering. Your guests will come to your event with standards and hopes that the food and drinks are up to par. Consider these spring catering ideas to incorporate in your next event:

1. Location is key: Most times, the responsibility to choose a location is shouldered by the event planner, but during spring, event caterers work with hosts to determine the physical setup to plan serving arrangements. Especially for weddings and bridal showers, it is best for the caterer to suggest a location which means a lot to the bride. It could be one that reflects a childhood experience. More so, determine if the location will be indoor or outdoor.

2. Have your flavors correspond with the theme: Ensure the food and drinks served correspond with the theme of the occasion. Depending on the theme, you could serve a drink with orange flavor rather than one with strawberry. Depending on the event and the theme, you can also serve relatable and decorative meals.

3. Consider finger foods: Appetizers served should be a kick. For spring events, it's best to prepare finger foods as appetizers as they will allow people to move around and mingle while enjoying the event.

4. Set up a different tables for drinks: How people will be served in an event is dependent on the type of event. For instance, people can mix their drinks themselves in a cocktail. Irrespective of the event, ensure you have a table for mixed and unmixed drinks. It could be lemonades or punches or wines. It’s best to ice those for few minutes before you serve.

5. Make the dessert table detailed: Dessert is the final course, the last one that all of your guests will remember. Ensure your dessert table is well detailed and be prepared to have something for everyone. You may think everybody likes ice-cream, but few may not. So, use yogurt as a substitute. Include decorations and treats that pertain to the theme of the event. For instance, if it’s a baby shower event, the color of your treats may come in the gender of the baby – pink or blue.

6. Provide mini bags: Due to the satisfaction derived from the main meal, your guests may want to take their dessert home. Provide them with mini bags that can be used to pack untouched meals and leftovers.

7. Make preparations for guests with allergies: Before the event day, ensure you ask your host if anyone with allergies or special dietary requirement will be attending the event. If there is any, you can make allergen-free food to pamper them.

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