7 Ways to Simplify Party Planning

Party planning can be one of the most tedious things to do. Who wants his/ her party to be a mess? Hence the need to simplify party planning. People have different ways of planning their parties. Everyone has different needs and budgets, which is why we came up with the seven basic ways to simplify party planning.

Start planning early:

The earlier, the better, it keeps you free, so you can see what is left undone or what is not in place. This planning includes; picking a date, booking a venue and completing your guest list; this is a very paramount step because sometimes booking the venue must be done in advance as there may be a queue for the #venue. Also, at this stage, you decide how many guests you want to invite, the kind of decorations you want for the venue and the menu.

Simplify the guest list:

This is very important because the more guests you invite, the more people you cater for and the more complicated and stressful the preparation will be. So, invite close friends, people you really want to be there and will value the gathering. They should be able to mix well with your other attendees.

Create a budget and follow it:

Money is very important and needs to be managed. When it comes to planning a party you will need to figure out how much you are going to spend on food, entertainment, decorations, and drinks without wasting resources. Life continues after a party, so, plan the party within your means and enjoy every bit of it.

Keep the menu simple:

Everyone has his or her specialty meal, so, it’s important to keep the menu simple, and it is more preferable to go with buffet-style.

Have a checklist:

It is important to have a checklist; it gives you a direction and tells you what is done and what needs to be done.

Create a playlist or hire a DJ:

Music is important at a party, so you can either hire a DJ or create a playlist of songs that suites and enhances the party. It all depends on your #budget.

Make sure everything is set:

This is the time you have to cross check everything and make sure everything is kept in place. Have it mind that everything may not go as planned, so, this is the step where mistakes are corrected, and everything is set to get the party started.

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