Dinner Party Do's and Don'ts for a Host or Hostess

Author: Julian Macleod

At one time or another, you may have to host a dinner party for your co-workers, families and friends. While you may not have been involved in an event like this before, you will eventually get to a stage in your social life where you must invite folks to enjoy dinner together. Just like other natural preferences, some people have natural skills in hosting an event while others may have to ask for assistance in hosting one.

The extent to which you host a dinner party will usually depend on the type of occasion. Much more, the outcome of your party will be dependent on how it is hosted. Hence, below is a list of the do’s and don’ts you must observe when hosting an event:


1. The event should be held for a specific reason: Most dinners are not just held because there is so much money to squander or there is a whole lot of time to spend. The event you host must be purposeful and ensure it is towards an end. It could be for a birthday party, a promotion celebration party, meet and greet with co-workers, family party or retirement celebration.

2. Ensure you interact with your guests: One mistake party hosts tend make is focusing on a particular group. Yes, it’s good to focus on a group with attributes that will constantly make people laugh but if it is too much, your guests may complain and feel as though you are taking a liking to some people more. Hence interact with all your guests. You can pick someone from different factions to play a game. That act is you interacting with your audience.

3. Take note of food preferences and allergies: While it may be a big party or small, ensure that you know the category of the people that will be attending your party. Plan the meals towards what can be eaten and not what can be rejected. If you cannot get info before the event day, prepare general foods that almost all can eat. For instance, some people are allergic to ginger spice. So, you may prepare your meal without adding ginger.

4. Be appreciative: After the party, make sure you call your guests to check if they arrived home safely and the day after the party, send notes and emails revealing how appreciative you are for their presence.


1. Do not invite anyone that can make you anxious: If you are the kind of person who easily notes people, then it’s advisable that you do not invite people who can make you feel nervous. For instance, if you are still easily attracted to your ex-husband, do not invite him to your party. More so, if you think you will not get along with others because of your boss, then do not invite him, parties are supposed to be enjoyed.

2. Do not spend excessively: While it may be your first time hosting friends and co-workers, do not try to impress them by spending excessively. Much more, do not try to buy everything you think is good as you will eventually run out of your budget. Hence, draw out the number of guests and fashion your budget towards that.

3. Do not switch moods: Most event hosts or hostesses tend to get tired and eventually stress themselves to the extent that it affects their mood and reaction. So, no matter what, stay happy, light and cheerful. It could be the chefs not serving well or something you planned did not work out, ensure you do not allow the mood to affect the way your guests feel.

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