Five Qualities That Make a Successful Caterer | Catering | The Copacabana Times Square

Catering, like all fields within the #food industry, is a highly competitive career. Becoming an exceptional caterer is a process that takes years of hard work. Below, we reveal the steps that every great caterer conquers before reaching ultimate success.

1) Every great caterer studies the field. You may not need to get a higher education to get into catering, but you still need to do your homework. If you are just starting out, the first thing you need to do is work for another caterer. #Catering is not a field where you can just wing it. You must expose yourself to the catering environment and all its struggles in order to assess whether you can handle all the pressures of leading a catering company. Educate yourself about what successful catering companies are doing. How are they gaining an audience? What are their price points? Doing your research on the business will go a long way!

2) Learn about food and food safety. Being a good cook is essential to having a career in catering. You need to have enough food experience to understand how to safely store and serve food. Food experience will also teach you how to create a delicious and fulfilling menu around any dietary restrictions your client may require of you.

3) Learn how to handle becoming a small business owner. Up to now, #cooking great food may be the only indicator that you should enter the catering business. However, great food is only the foundation of what makes a great caterer. You must also learn how to run a business. You will be responsible for a staff that relies on you during high pressure situations. You will also be responsible for making sure your business is garnering enough income to support you and your staff. You need to prepare yourself for the complexities that come with running a small business.

4) Networking is the most essential step to growing your catering business. The industry runs on connections. The more people you meet, the more opportunity there is to grow your business. Join an event planning or catering association and meet others in the industry. Not only will you get great advice, you will build relationships that may eventually turn into referrals for your own catering business!

5) Develop exceptional customer service. Catering is a career that still operates on word of mouth. Make sure that when people refer you, they only have good things to say. Go above and beyond for your clients. Make them feel comfortable and relieve them of any stress they may be dealing with due to the event.

Author: Hager Eldaas