How to Choose the Right Caterer

Author: Julian Macleod

One thing that determines the final success of an event is the #caterer you hired. On your decision lies the ability to break or make the event. While you make effective plans towards other aspects of the event, you must also place extreme attention towards the caterer you hire. At times, the event may not work out as planned probably due to technical issues. However, the glory of the event can be restored when everyone has something nice to say about the meal. On the other hand, a perfect event can be stained by a ‘but’ if the meal is beyond what was expected. More so, when fashioning your budget, the caterer you hire has a significant effect on the amount you budget for other important aspects of the event. Hence, below are tips you should consider when choosing a caterer:

Identify the attitude of the caterer: Before hiring any caterer, ensure that the caterer is interested in what interests you. It is best you study the attitude of the caterer. Different accounts have revealed that the way the caterer relates with you during your initial conversation determines the way the caterer will behave all through the contract period. Some do not even care to pick calls or think to return emails. While this might occur during the contract period, it is best to know who you want to deal with. If a caterer aims to project his/her opinion above yours, then it would be difficult to have what you want.

Know if the caterer can handle your event: Do not forget to clearly state the kind of event you would like to have. Not all caterers can handle every type of event. It could be a wedding, birthday party or a small get-together. If it’s a buffet kind of party or cocktail, you must clearly state this to know who is fit for the occasion. You should pick a caterer whose expertise is in line with your type of event. Even if you are familiar with the caterer, you must know if the caterer can handle the event.

Make enquiries about the food: There would be no reason for an excellent caterer if such caterer will make food available towards the end of the ceremony. While you should put about 3 caterers to test, ensure there is an avenue for you to taste. It is from the tasting that you can decide the sweetness of the taste as well as the quality. No matter what the caterers say, it is important that you ask to sample specific food types. If it is mandatory to pay, you can go ahead to pay.

Make sure the caterer is willing to change menu options: For every caterer, there is a standard menu. While these options are prone to upgrades, a standard caterer must be flexible enough to provide exceptions in a bid to ensure that the food options relate to the theme of the event or the identified dietary needs.

Close scrutiny of contract terms and agreement: In the process of choosing the right caterer, you should ask all for their contract terms and agreement file. Ensure that every item is clearly stated. Much more, the details of the event must be clearly written. However, look out for what makes the contract standard. If you can't reach an agreement, do not hire.

Get external reviews: Before you fully make up your mind about a caterer, ensure you get reviews from previous clients. While an online review is easy to get, it cannot be fully trusted as some companies pay people to give fake reviews. It is best to get reviews from trusted people.

Carefully look out for these things before making decision. If your decision is based on these tips, then you have settled the aspect of choosing the right caterer.

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