How to Throw a Summer Cocktail Party

Author: Julian Macleod

During summer, people find it easy to plan parties that would allow them to meet people in the same field or network with people in possible fields of partnerships. This kind of networking is best available during cocktail parties. Hence, if you plan to not only enjoy summer but achieve your plans, then you must be ready to include at least a summer cocktail party. Though cocktail parties can be held at any time, summer has its way of positively influencing the essence of this type of party. Therefore, to produce a pleasurable event, here is a list of how you can throw a summer cocktail without losing your zeal:

Fixate adequate lightening: Cocktail parties do not involve excess preparation as a buffet or other type of parties, but you must not give an iota of boredom. Lightning can break or make the tone and mood of the party. So, ensure your lighting is as bright and as colorful as you want the party to be. Apart from the feeling it gives, it would also allow guests get their steps together without injuriously running into someone.

Have cocktails available: It’s a cocktail party, and you must not deviate from giving that idea. You can begin by serving incoming guests with hot apple cider coupled coriander, peppercorns and cinnamon. You can also start with a signature punch but ensure the mixed punch is available before the party begins. While you plan exquisitely well, do not forget guests who do not take an alcoholic drink. For people like that, ensure to have a variety of options available.

Make the event comfortable: Most times, cocktail parties usually allow people to meet others while standing to eat. However, it does not mean you shouldn’t make room for sitting arrangements. Have seats available to make your guests feel comfortable.

Provide a cocktail-oriented feeding arrangement: Since people will not be stiffly stationed to their seats, arrange light, easy to carry multi-course meals. You can start by providing appetizers to set up the mood of your guests. Do not forget to include finger foods. Finger foods will surely make your guests comfortable in and out. Make veggies and fruits a part of the meal plan but ensure that the fruits or veggies are what your guests will like to have. Work with the season.

Make the party as entertaining as possible: There is nothing as bad as a boring party. Have DJs in place to set the tune of the party. While you should keep the party as casual as possible, you should ensure that the entertainment is adequate. Arrange sessions that will keep guests in the party zone. You can invite people to the stage to say something hilarious or set up a game that will involve everybody.

By incorporating these tips, you will surely have an amazing summer cocktail party with no stress.

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