The Best Foods for Weight Loss

Author: Julian Macleod

The natural way of shedding weight in a healthy way comes through taking nutritious food. There are so many foods that do more harm than good despite our appetite for their deliciousness. However, taking the foods to be listed below would not only boost healthy living, it also ensures a long lifespan free from diseases. So, if you surely want to shed your weight, here is a list of food that wouldn't just trigger weight loss, but when turned habit, would give a healthy living. Remember, health is wealth.

Black beans:

It is a member of the pulse family best in burning fat, calories and curbs appetite. It is a food too good in protein. A cup of the beans contains about 15 grams of protein found in high protein sources like red meat. The food could be whipped into pudding, and you can have a black bean soup ascertaining the dynamism of the dishes we can get from it. Black beans break weight in no time.

Brown Rice:

It is one grain too surplus in nutrient! This grain is healthy and contains phytonutrient which has been linked to the decreased rate of heart diseases, diabetes, cancer. The rice contains 1.75 gram of starch that burns fat and contains low calories despite filling! Brown rice takes no time in cooking, just as it is the best food for weight loss too.


An oatmeal is a healthy weight loss meal that contains metabolic boosting resistant starch. It is also good for the waistline and quite nutritious for all class of ages! Oatmeal can sustain one for long periods of the day when taken in the morning.


According to the journal of clinical nutrition satiety index of Europe, this food is ranked number one in burning fat. It is a great source of resistant starch. Potatoes can be bad when taken in excess, although generally it is important you take every food in moderation. You can cook it and take with egg or taken like that. It is a natural weight loss food.


If you want to take a highly nutritious seed, then it is quinoa. This food is a good and safe choice for celiac affected people because it is gluten-free. Quiona is a healthy food that contains good minerals like magnesium and iron. Easy to cook and dynamic in its versatility. It can be used to make burgers or pancakes, muffins, Cookies and can be cooked on its own.


Talking about monosaturated and polyunsaturated acids, salmon is a food that ticks the box perfectly. This acid speeds up weight loss and the proteinous salmon can help reduce visceral fat that is in the belly. Highly nutritious for healthy living is salmon which can be made as a stew or fried with olive oil.

The incorporation of these weight losing FOODS into one's diet assures healthy living, indeed health is wealth.

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