The top 18 wedding planning tips and tricks from air events global

Air Events Global- When planning your wedding there are things that are helpful to know and then there are tips and tricks that you NEED to know. air events global has created our top 18 wedding planning tips and tricks to help you with your very special day.

1/ Check your credit

We all know how expensive #weddings can be, so we recommend taking advantage of this by signing up for a credit card. Whether it gives you airline miles/points, shopping credit/points, by consolidating all wedding related purchase to this card, you can hopefully accumulate hundreds if not thousands of reward points to use towards your wedding or honeymoon.

2/ Dedicated wedding email address

We recommend you setting up a dedicated/special email address, such as a Gmail account dedicated just to your wedding. This ensures that you can keep all emails in one place, everything from the site inspection information for your wedding, quotes from potential suppliers and special emails from family and friends. Not only is it the ideal way to keep everything filed and in one place, it is a lovely keepsake of your wedding planning journey.

3/ Wedding website

A trend that we have seen prove very helpful over the past few years is a wedding website. Avoid getting endless questions and create a wedding website where your family and friends can check out the details of your wedding and you could even include the itinerary of the wedding day itself.

4/ Crew meals

One of the biggest blowouts at weddings that we have seen over the years is not budgeting for crew meals. Before you sign contracts with the venue and suppliers, make sure you are not required to serve the same meals to your suppliers and vendors that your guests are receiving. Do you really have the budget to pay for lobster for your crew meals? It is important that crew and suppliers are fed, however you can pre-arrange for crew meals with the venue.

5/ Driving directions

Many of your guests will not know how to get to the ceremony or reception location, so have a link or print outs for your guests showing them the easiest and quickest way to reach their destination.

6/ Begin collating an event project folder

Attention to details and being incredibly organised is paramount in the success of wedding planning. We always encourage our brides to keep an event project folder that has the entire wedding planning information in one place that you can take with you to the wedding. Everything from phone numbers and contact details of your suppliers, imagine if your florist hasn’t arrived by the confirmed time? You don’t have time to try and track down their details and the supplier agreement, you will have it already printed out in your event project folder which will take the stress and worry out of the day.

7/ Use a wedding app or hashtag

One fabulous trick to help keep all of your guests’ photos in one place is to use a wedding app or hashtag. Some of the most successful photo collaborations that we have seen is for guests to upload wedding photos into one curated place or creating a hashtag and asking all guests to tag their photos.

8/ Create a signature cocktail

One trick to make your guests feel special is to create a signature cocktail and it is a lovely way for guests to be greeted as they arrive at the reception. It could be your favourite cocktail or one that you create together, just for your wedding day.

9/ Inspiration vision board

Pinterest can be your best friend when finding inspiration for your wedding, as there is a plethora of divine themes and images. Create a vision board that you can show the venue and your potential suppliers so they have a clear understanding of your vision. Is it a beach theme, rustic or vintage?

10/ Bumping in for wedding

Be sure to confirm with your venue what time your suppliers can arrive to bump in (set-up). The earlier, the better however many #venues will have other events occurring on the same day. We recommend you getting this information early and stipulating it in your venue contract.

11/ Phone charging station

Offering phone charging stations is a lovely way to show your guests you care about their personal needs and if you are using the wedding app or hashtag for photos, they will need battery on their phone! We recommend you including a sign with the wedding app or hashtag information on it also, so you don’t miss any photos from the wedding.

12/ Creating a run sheet

One of the most important documents of your wedding day is the run sheet (schedule of events). It needs to be listed by time, so what time is the florist arriving, when is the cake being delivered, what time does the photographer need you ready by etc. This is a vital document that will ensure that your wedding day runs smoothly and on time and everyone involved has a clear understanding.

13/ Assign a photo wrangler

It is so time consuming trying to get people together for a photo, whether it be a group shoot of all the cousins or photo of you and your best friend, designating someone ahead of time to pre-arrange these groups will save you so much time and ensure you have some beautiful memories.

14/ A Wedding Planner

If you do not want or need a full-service wedding planner, having a professional wedding planner to work as a day-of coordinator could be a game changer. The day-of wedding planner can meet and greet all suppliers, keep everyone and everything on schedule and look after all of the wedding tasks that you will not have time to do. You will be drinking champagne and getting ready instead!

15/ Song requests

Another fabulous trick to get people on the dance floor is to have your DJ make an announcement that they are taking song requests; you will see the dance floor fill up very quickly.

16/ Hotel rooms

Once the wedding date is locked in, begin looking for hotel rooms at a variety of price points. Often you can reserve rooms for guests under a special wedding block at a reduced rate and then release any rooms that are unbooked 6-8 weeks prior to the wedding.

17/ Scout your photography locations

It is extremely important that you spend some time deciding where you want the wedding photos to be taken. Scouting your photography locations will save time and stress on the day of your wedding and getting advice from your #photographer about where the best spots to shoot are, dependent on wedding, lighting etc. is key.

18/ Be a team throughout the whole process

No matter how well intentioned family and friends can be, it is very easy with so many decisions to make, for the two of you to become undivided. You do need to remember that your wedding day is about the two of you and is a celebration of your love and future together, so every choice needs to be about the two of you. If you keep both of you as the focus of every decision, it will be the most magical and memorable day.

Organization is key when planning your own wedding. You will have so much happening at all times and your wedding day will constantly be on your mind. You will need a way to keep track of everything, whether it be spreadsheet, a wedding planning app; whatever you choose just remember that there is bound to be some chaos and hiccups from time to time. Try to plan as much as possible ahead of time and don’t be too hard on yourself. If you need any help with the pre-planning of your wedding or the wedding day itself, please visit as we have some amazing wedding freelancers that we would love to connect you with.

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