Tips for Finding a Wedding Caterer That is Right for You

Every part of the wedding planning process is significant but more importantly, is what your guests will eat and drink during and after the ceremony. In fact, the appearance, flavor, as well as the quality of the food and drinks served can determine how memorable your wedding will be.

More so, catering is one of the most expensive parts of the wedding. Beyond the vows, throwing of flowers, dancing and surprising activities, everyone looks forward to eating. Bad catering service is a pure waste of funds. Hence it is necessary to hire a caterer who can make your wedding memorable by making specific budgetary decisions without reducing the quality.

For your perfect wedding, here are tips for finding a wedding caterer that is right for you:

Have a workable budget: A lot is expected from caterers. Hence, they request an amount of money for their services based on what they would provide. You can get overwhelmed when you hear the price range of caterers. So, plan your budget to include a specific amount you are willing to spend on catering.

Search around: The right wedding caterer for you will not appear at your doorstep. You will need to make adequate findings. Ask people – ask your friends, family members and co-workers for recommendations. If you have an event planner, you can also ask him or her to recommend someone. You should also go online and search for notable catering companies in your state. Read their customer reviews to know what their past clients have said about them. After making an adequate search, you can pick two or three and set up appointments with them. This way you can get to know what each has to offer.

Check their level of responsiveness: While communicating with the caterer, take note of how responsive he/she is. Their interest and enthusiasm will surely show in how they relate. Also, check their profile to see their communication skills. Remember your wedding is one of the most important moments in your life, so you have to be in constant communication with the caterer. You don't want to hire a caterer who does not have time for you.

Schedule a day for tasting: Every standard catering company will surely know about this aspect. So, before you book that caterer, schedule a day for tasting. Taste from varieties available and see if the food they offer suits your expectations. During the tasting schedule you should not only focus on the taste; you should also note the serving style and the serving portion of each course.

Know their level of flexibility with menu options: Though every caterer/catering company has standard menus for weddings to choose from, many still provide options where certain meals can replace another. Know if they can work with meal options in relation to your theme or if they can be flexible enough for your vegetarian friends and guests with certain allergies.

The well explained term of agreement: Ensure that whatever you agree upon is clearly stated in the contract. Make sure to clarify whether they are providing full or half service. Don't pay for full time and end up getting part-time. You don't want your caterer to drop off necessities and then leave you to sort them out. Know if the caterer is coming with serving staff or not.

Sign the agreement form: Being satisfied with the option you choose, ensure to sign the agreement form. If you’re unsure and are confused by the contract, consider showing it to your lawyer before you sign. Also, save a copy of the signed form for yourself and your lawyer.

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