Tips to Help You Pick the Right Venue

Author: Julian Macleod

Whether it’s your event or you have been asked to be in charge of an event, one important aspect that must not be overlooked is the venue where you will hold the event. The venue of the event determines to a large extent other favorable aspect of the event planning. The venue determines the date of the event, how comfortable the guests will be, as well as the catering options that would be adopted. Due to the importance of the venue, it must be one of the first things to be sorted when planning an event as that will propel the guests to prepare for the event on time as well as trigger other departments into action. It is advisable to book the venue about 5-6 months before the event day to cater for other aspects. So here are tips to help you pick the right venue:

Location: The location of the venue can also determine the number of attendees. If it is an event for a large number of people that covers both family and friends, you can pick a location that everyone can easily get to. However, if you want to limit the numbers of attendees, you can look for a venue farther away. The location of the venue is a big factor in determining the prolonged feeling of your attendees. If attendees have to travel out of town, ensure the location is near a hotel. Look out for the traffic and means of transportation concerning your proposed location.

Capacity: Request for the capacity of the venue regarding number. If you have about 500 persons in mind and the venue can only contain 300 people, then the venue is not suitable for you. Know about the food and beverage minimum and ensure that the available records are in line with minimum requirement. Ask the manager if the venue has additional facilities like fire and safety codes, Wi-Fi, A/V support, etc.

Event Amenities and Facilities: Do not rent out a event venue that lacks basic amenities. In fact, it is best to get a venue that can also make provisions for food for every attendee. However, ensure to check out their food. If you think the food will not meet up to the standard that you have set, then you can bring in your own caterer. Also, ask for clean-up services and know if there is a provision of audio-visual equipment. Beyond these, ensure the venue has accessible parking and a restroom.

Event Layout: While the activities of the event might be a later planning, have a rough sketch on how things would be. If it is a corporate event, ensure the venue’s layout will accommodate a stage for invited speakers, visualize the flow of traffic in the hall and see how it can be controlled. If you can think of solutions even when you are in the venue, then the venue should be considered.

Cost: While the venue is important, do not go over your budget. Request for the cost of the venue for the whole day or for the estimated number of hours that it can be used. See if you can reduce the cost by eliminating unnecessary facilities.

Finding the best venue for your event might take quite some time but the stress can be minimal when you contact your area’s local convention and visitor’s bureau as they provide you with venues that suit your event style.

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