Top 3 tips to host a party for the family – stress free!

Air Events Global - The team at air events global has the top 3 tips to host a party the family will love and best of all, will be stress free for you! Not all events need to be on a large scale, and they can still be memorable and enjoyable while hosting from home. Hosting a family party can be a stressful experience, so here are 3 tips to help you plan a fabulous and effortless celebration.

1/ Space – whether you want to host a party outdoors, having an informal garden party, having a sit-down formal dinner or a cocktail party, the key is to ensure that you have enough space for everyone. You want people to feel comfortable and be able to move around and chat to all of the family and extended family, so having enough space is very important. A good idea to is to hire some extra tables and chairs to ensure that everyone can move around and sit down when they like. If you are having a more formal event, why not hire some event and hospitality freelancers that can serve your guests, allowing for you to relax and enjoy the family celebration.

2/ Food and Beverage – You have two choices here, either to outsource the catering or to do it yourself. If you are doing it yourself, be sure to keep it as simple as possible. Your guests are coming to see you and catch up, and they don’t want the host spending the whole time in the kitchen! Try and pre-make as much as possible and have it set up as self-serve, so you can spend quality time with your loved ones. Grazing tables are very popular for parties, as you can include a wide array of self-serve options. For beverages, try and make it BYO so you don’t have to spend a lot of money and you don’t have to worry about asking everyone what he or she would like to drink. A good idea is to have a beverage station set up with all of the glassware already set out before guests arrive and some large drink dispensers with water and ice. Finally, have some extra bottles of bubbles on ice, just in case!

3/ Setting up and packing down – It is always a great idea to have a few extra set of hands helping set up the family get together and definitely when packing down and cleaning up after the event. Set up will involve choosing the best space for the event, what type of furniture you will need, pre-cooking as much as possible, setting out all of the glassware and decorating the area. Having an extra set of hands will ensure that you get to enjoy the family celebration and time with your loved ones. If possible, get everything done an hour or so before your guests arrive so you can spend time with your family as soon as they arrive and are not running around still setting up.

Family celebrations are such special moments in our lives and it is easier than ever to host a party at home. If you are looking for an extra set of hands at your next celebration, visit and you can book event freelancers to help with setting up, decorating the space, serving guests, cleaning up and packing down at the end of the celebration. Why not give yourself the night off and treasure time with your family and friends.

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