Author: Julian Macleod

With summer steadily coming closer, it is only ideal to begin preparations for outdoor events. While it has been quite difficult to hold outdoor events, summer makes it really cool and easy to hold events due to the warmness the weather emits. Despite the joy attached to this period, you must also take cognizance of controlling the temperature, the change in weather as well as the environment. Therefore, to make catering during summer as enjoyable as you plan, below are tips for your outdoor catering events:

1. Be detailed about the venue: Do not choose a venue because someone tells you about the venue. Make it possible to visit the venue before the D-Day. Look out for the resources available at the venue and how the resources would help in setting up. If you do not have the time to visit the venue, you could call the location manager to ask for the site description. It would help you plan and allocate responsibilities to your workers.

2. Work with the available space: Depending on the kind of event, you must be able to work with the venue. Ensure that your standard menu revolves around items appropriate for the weather condition. The available space, the order of event and the designated period can affect what should be served. Hence, work with space.

3. Include a backup plan: For every event, there must be a backup plan. Whether you are fully assured of the success of the event or otherwise, you must have another plan in place. For instance, if the event is completely outdoor, you would need tents as a backup. You will have to protect your guests, food, and equipment in case of a change in weather.

4. Have specific equipment in place: For power, you would need an electric power source. That will cater for the sound, lighting (if needed) and even your food. In terms of food, you will be able to maintain the right food taste if the food is within certain temperature rate. Much more, you might need to prepare snacks or even grill meat/fish at the venue as you have to serve them hot. Having the required equipment makes it easy to supply all that is needed.

5. Keep the bugs away: You don't want to have flies swarming around your serving tray. Apart from the fact that it is irritating, it also discourages people from eating. You can have bug zapper in place to ward them off. You can also avoid flies by ensuring that you wash the plates immediately after use and carefully dispose trash.

Planning an outdoor catering during summer comes with its own challenges. It's facing the world beyond the restaurant. So you have to make extra plans towards the success of the event.

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