Valentine's Day Party Ideas

Everyone looks forward to February 14th. It’s a day separated to give and receive love and everyone looks forward to having the best time with their lovers, friends and family members. Unlike the popular notion, Valentine’s Day is not only for people in romantic relationships, but a good way to get friends together, catch up on the time spent apart and ultimately have fun. While working with the love theme can be a little tasking, here are ideas to consider:

Take note of the people you are inviting: Lovers see Valentine’s Day as a day to snuggle up together and enjoy the moment. Don’t invite lovers or couples to a party that includes more singles. They may not enjoy the experience. In the end, you may make your other guests sad or unnecessarily worried about their romantic life. If it’s strictly for couples, make it so and if it’s for singles, make it so. The kind of people you invite will determine the atmosphere of the party. Invite both extroverts and introverts. Let them relate so no one will feel marginalized. Not only old friends, invite new ones.

Give out specific information concerning the party: Many people would rather stay home with their family than attend a party where they would feel lonely. It’s a party for friends to have fun together. While you can say ‘Kissing is not allowed’ it may look like the party is really restricted. You can just say it’s an anti-smooching party. Ensure the venue on the invitation is quite attractive. You can make the venue a park or beach or even an island. Ensure your invitation card does not look ordinary. Its love themed so you can make a love design or cupcake card. Email or post the invitation and call them later to know if they received it or not.

Have a list of activities lined up: Do not forget that your guests must have had options before deciding to honor your invitation. So, ensure you have activities lined up to make the day as enjoyable as possible. Before arrival, decorate the chairs and tables with red and white satin. Hang nice decoration banners and dolls around. Have them watch love movies, serve them red velvet or chocolate cupcakes with berry filled icing (very important) and serve them bottles of royal red wine. If it’s an indoor party, have candles lighted in the room. You can include one scented candle. Never end the party without incorporating games. Games like throwing darts at the board, predicting the future by reading the palm, passing a paper with naughty requests as well as Truth or Dare, are all great options.

Meet and greet: Have a section that will allow your guests to relate with one another. You should set up a photo booth where your guests can pose for pictures. It is ideal to get an instant photo camera but if you cannot, ensure you get their pictures across to them. Allow people to exchange gifts. Whoever brings a gift, ensure he/she shares with someone they do not know beforehand. Have love songs played at intervals and have your guests dance to the celebration of love.

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