Want Free Food From Your Favorite Restaurants? Here’s How To Get It

Updated: Apr 3, 2018

Author: Stacy Caprio

You’re busy and driven. With your daily 9-5, packed schedule, and social life, it’s hard to make time to cook your own #food and save money, however you love a great deal.

If this sounds like you, keep reading. Many people do not realize that their favorite restaurants they frequent daily offer a free food option on almost every single visit.

The catch? There is none. Many restaurants offer a free food gift or coupon code to loyal patrons who will leave customer feedback for the #restaurant. Restaurants do this so they can improve their service and make the experience more enjoyable for future visits, and they also enjoy giving their loyal customers a special gift to keep them happy and coming back.

We’ve compiled a list of the restaurants that offer a free food gift or entry into a sweepstakes, so you can take their quick experience surveys to get free food, saving your precious time and money with each prize.

Red Lobster

Red Lobster serves delicious sea-food with a great ambiance. It’s great for a family meal or date night out. In addition to being affordable and classy, it offers a customer experience survey in exchange for entry into its sweepstakes with winner drawings several times a year.

Red Lobster Survey: All you have to do is fill out the experience survey and then you’ll be entered into a drawing to win $1,000 grand prize or one of 100 $50 prizes.


Applebees is a family-friendly restaurant that serves memorable burgers and classic American food.

They offer a customer survey called Talk To Applebees where you can take their short survey in exchange for entry into their weekly and monthly sweepstakes where you can win $100 or $1,000 prize.

Jack In The Box

Looking for the free food surveys? Look no further. Jack in the Box offers a customer survey called JackListens where every single time you eat there you can take to receive 2 free tacos on your next visit.

Dairy Queen

Classic DQ, offering an array of food and ice-cream. I remember long family walks to the neighborhood DQ in the summertime and always ordering a twist cone rolled in crunch and dipped in chocolate, which they no longer offer due to “nut allergy” health concerns of contaminating the chocolate with the crunch mixture.

Although Dairy Queen failed me by failing to offer my favorite childhood ice cream treat, it now offers a free Dilly Bar coupon to all customers who complete the DQFanSurvey.


Sonic has the best chili-cheese dogs at any fast food restaurant I’ve ever frequented. Their customer feedback program is a great way to get a free soda to pair with your next chili-cheese dog.

The TalkToSonic survey gives you a reward coupon to claim a free soda or iced-tea at your next Sonic visit, a great free drink bonus to take advantage of.


Going to college in Massachusetts, I understand how integral Dunkin Donuts is to many of our daily lives.

Imagine getting a free donut with your daily Dunkin coffee run? It can now be a reality, you’re welcome.

Now, take the TellDunkin survey every time you grab your latte and you can snag a free donut as well.


Subway offers one of the best #freefood prizes in my opinion. A cookie! Imagine waltzing into Subway to get your healthy lunch and walking out with your sub and a free cookie.

This can now be your reality, as it is already mine.

Take the TellSubway survey on every visit to the store and you’ll be walking out holding a beautiful, delicious free cookie. It doesn’t count against your diet, because it’s free, lol.


Likely the most famous house-hold name fast food restaurant in the world, McDonalds now offers many new healthy options including salads and smoothies along with its traditional burger and French fry offerings.

Did you know that you can take a survey when you eat there to get a buy one get one free Egg McMuffin or quarter pounder on your next visit? Well, you can!

Take the McDVoice survey after every McDonald’s meal and the next time you’ll be holding a free quarter pounder, or my personal favorite, Egg McMuffin in your little hand after walking out.

Burger King

I’m a loyal McDonald’s patron over Burger King, however I think Burger King has the better free food deal.

Instead of the buy one get one free deal that McDonalds offers every time you frequent their restaurant, Burger King gives you an entirely free chicken or whopper sandwich of your choice after you take the MyBkExperience survey.

Taco Bell

Taco Bell has its famous food in the famous name, tacos. If you love your Taco Bell, then taking the short TellTheBell customer experience survey will enter you into a sweepstakes to win one of the 4 $500 check prizes that are available every drawing period.

Enjoy your new free meals and sweepstakes entries, just not too much, since we all have a summer body to be getting ready for!

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