Why Having An Event Planning Checklist Is Important

Author: Julian Macleod

Throwing a party or organizing any type of event or get-together for strangers, partners, colleagues, family, and friends can be a really stressful thing to do. Having to keep track of all your guests, ensuring that the workers do their jobs properly, that the food is good, the seating arrangement and the program is followed accordingly. There are tons of things to keep track of and there’s only a very thin line between a perfect event and total disaster. The checklist is almost endless, and you’d be lucky to end the day without a major headache. This, however, can be avoided by preparing a suitable checklist that highlights all the important planning objectives and tasks to be completed for your event to be a success.

Whether you’re a master planner or you’re just starting a career in event planning, you’re definitely going to need an event planning checklist. An event planning checklist is an invaluable tool for successfully managing your events. Even the most creative event idea will flop without a perfect plan, and a planning expert cannot rely on using small notes or depend on his/her memory capacity because we’re all humans and can sometimes forget small details. Once you forget the small details of your master plan, things fall apart and your whole plan crumbles before your very eyes.

Don’t despair, below are 5 reasons why having an event planning checklist is important.

1. A Checklist Clears Your Mind

If you’re just venturing into the event planning biz, you might have realized by now that there are so many things to think about when planning an event. It can sometimes be overwhelming if you don’t write all your thoughts and ideas down. You can clear your mind and save yourself the stress by brainstorming for a while, then creating a detailed and organized checklist of all the ideas that you could come up with.

2. Organize All of Your Contacts

Having a well-designed checklist allows you to include tasks that remind you to contact your attendees at the right time. You also won’t have to search for their contact information when it’s time to send out mass invites. You’ll have everything perfectly placed in the checklist and you can simply mark it off when you’ve completed the task.

3. Keep Track of Finances

You surely can’t plan an event without money and having a detailed financial plan included on your checklist is a great way to monitor how much money is spent on the event and where the money is going to. When you make a payment for a service that was rendered, you can simply check it off the list.

4. Make the Work Easier for Employees

Planning an event is no easy task and you’ll need all the help you can get. Having all the necessary tasks to be done included in your checklist saves your employees and volunteers the stress and everyone knows what has been done, and what needs to be done. They will know exactly what tasks are most important and this will prevent any major problems during the course of the event.

There are a lot of computer programs out there that help digitalize the event planning process and save you a lot of time. Having a perfectly planned checklist for your event will without a doubt, ensure that your events go smoothly.

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