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Updated: Mar 23, 2018

Launch events have a bad reputation for being old-fashioned and obligatory engagements that garner no tangible growth for a business. But when done correctly, using a creative #eventplanner, they can be the single most important aspect to gaining a community around your business. Below are five reasons that demonstrate why hosting an event for your business is crucial.

1) Face to face communication is invaluable. For many businesses, transactions are now handled online or over the phone. An event is a rare opportunity to get to know your community. It introduces new people to yourself and your brand, and allows them to be a part of the celebration and excitement. It gives you the opportunity to make a genuine connection with your potential customers. You can use this as the time to figure out what they need and are looking to fulfill. It allows you to be in the know. While it may be more efficient to sell online, it is still important to build the connections that lead to sales in a face to face manner.

2) An #eventlaunch can garner an insurmountable amount of good press coverage. Online blogs and magazines are constantly featuring events that occur in their communities. This allows for thousands of readers who have never heard of you or your brand to engage. Make sure your PR team is contacting the right publications to cover your event. Put your best foot forward at the event and watch hundreds, maybe thousands, of people find out about your brand. Not only does this increase the number of views your business pages get, it makes the brand easily searchable and hard to miss. It allows for your brand to be relevant.

3) Hosting a launch event creates social media buzz around your brand. Like press coverage, social media allows your brand relevancy. Invite people within your target customer community to your launch event. Having these people support your brand is crucial to creating word of mouth trust. Make your event as #Instagrammable and shareable as possible. If you make it easy for them to do so, people will want to post photos at your event. After your event is over, make sure to engage your attendees on social media.

4) An event gives you the opportunity to show your brand vision. It is an opportunity to convey your brand’s message to people while being in the same room. Make sure that every aspect of the event, from the music to the food and the lighting, is carrying the essence of your brand. Create an event that resonates with your potential customers and makes a lasting impression that goes beyond the day of the event.

5) Your event should be set up in a way that is conducive to selling without making the sale the main attraction. Think of a book launch. It is set up in a way that makes selling the book essential, yet meeting the author is the real attraction. If you can’t sell a tangible product or service at your event, use the time as a way to get your customer’s interest. Collect their information and later thank them for coming to your event.

Author: Hager Eldaas

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