Why You Should Host Your Own Networking Event

Author: Julian Macleod

Do you ever wonder why networking events are so dreadful? If these events are the most obvious way to build connections between people, why are they so painful to bare?

Event planners are operating by old rules. They don’t realize that no one wants to circle around a room and exchange business cards with people they likely will never contact again. You know this, right?

Knowing this is the first reason why you should be hosting the next networking event you attend. Below, we list a few more:

Take control. Hosting your own event allows you to be the decision maker. You don’t like how networking events are always hosted at stuffy venues? Change that. You want to serve a more interesting food selection? You could do that, too. When you host your own #networking event, you get to oversee every detail in the planning stages. By doing this, you create an event that appeals to you and like-minded people.

Create press opportunities. When you are the host of an event, most of the press attention goes to you or your brand. All the promotion you do to garner attention for the event will mention your name. You will be the first point of contact for all media that is interested in covering the event. If you host the event at your place of business, everyone will tag that location while posting to social media. Hosting your own networking event allows you to BE the conversation, and not just someone taking part in it.

Carve out a niche. Hosting your own event gives you the opportunity to become memorable in your industry. If your business is related to photography, create the most photography-centric networking event your guests have ever attended. Are you a caterer? Go the extra mile with creating conversation worthy food. Hosting your own event gives you the chance to become associated with a specific area of expertise.

Build your list. When hosting your event, encourage your guests to give you their contact information. Collecting guest information during and prior to an event is the perfect way to build your email list for marketing purposes!

Give value. When you host a networking event, you establish yourself as a connector in your community. When you give people real value by providing them with an event that is beneficial to them, you always get a return on your investment!

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